I lost my key.

I'm completely over it.


Why don't you come and see me sometime?

There's so much left for me to learn.

I haven't seen her since I was a child.


I was hoping you could help me.

Vladislav came back at 2:30.

I think she really likes Sharada.

Vern did what he promised to do.

Jacques is pushing thirty.


Samir picked up a good bargain yesterday.

Ahmet talked about Boston.

Frederick is in a lot of pain.

Aren't you pregnant? Well, stop drinking then!

It's slow and boring.


Look into the well.

Who's going to tell her?

We have to find out why this happened.


The battle took place near the Little Bighorn River.

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Can she read a sci-fi book in a logographic language? Are there logograms she can't read?

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Jill's great.

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Do not forget about us.

We drank beer.

What time is it now in San Francisco?

Could you talk to him?

You are the very person I have been looking for.

I'm not setting them any traps.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple.


His knees gave way.

Skipping classes can have an enormous negative impact on your final grade.

I tossed and turned all night.

I'll leave the planning to you.

I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


It was a great help!

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Man can be defined as the animal that can say I, that can be aware of himself as a separate entity.


Had I had enough money, I would have bought that computer.

Who is to be blame?

I sometimes wish I could live a quiet retired sort of life but I doubt I could stand it for more than a few days.


Do you blame us?

Alberto is very fond of doing something that his brother Charles would never do.

I need you to believe in me.

Ethan just shook his head and didn't say anything.

I don't remember seeing you before.

He likes Russian pop.

A little heavier rain might cause a flood.

Why don't we collaborate more?

The fireman could not extinguish the flames.


They offered assistance.

It has just struck eight, hasn't it?

I don't agree with Indra.

I don't understand any of this.

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.

I don't trust Mohammad.

At first, I mistook him for your brother.

Don't let me catch you doing anything like this again.

Eduardo is from Ecuador. He's an Ecuadorian.

You don't have to go to school tomorrow.

We shared everything.

Boys and girls play in the garden.

Do you really want to raise these children by yourself?

You can make a difference.

Kosh is a Vorlon ambassador in the Babylon 5 space station.

Can't you just regift it to someone else?

Niall lives in Dublin.

He walked two miles in half an hour.

Your handwriting is practically illegible.

He will soon be a father.

The police got to the scene of the accident.

The tennis match was postponed due to rain.

Stop playing with yourself!


Have you ever driven with a standard shift transmission?

It is Pochi's food.

I feel a little guilty that I didn't invite him to join the celebration.


Many countries have passed laws to prohibit people from smoking in public places.

My father always thought that he wanted to be a pilot when he was a boy.

Our monthly income has to cover food, rent, clothing, transportation, and so on.

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

Her air of innocence is apparent, not real.


He seems to be friendly.

The tea is too strong. Add a bit of water.

If the devil is powerless, he sends his wife.

In New York, the dollar was worth eight shillings.

The boy was expelled from music school when he was 12.

I thought we could visit the museum together.

The boy splashed about in the tub.

You have to be vigilant.

My ears feel like they're stuffed up.


It is time I was going.

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This is a gift for Andre.


I feel like I'm just getting comfortable with my homemaking chores.


Without hesitating, the dean selects infinite wisdom.

You don't care at all, do you?

He has been tamed by his wife.

Have a good day.

We hate opera.

I got hit by a truck.

Pat cooked a special meal as a surprise for her birthday.


I intended to have called on him, but I couldn't.

Be ready to help a friend.

Brett doesn't have any chance of winning.

I translate, therefore I am.

The area the center of which is here was bombed.


I can only pay 100 dollars at most.


I agree with everything you just said.

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I have midterms next week.

Strictly speaking, the tomato is a fruit.

Is it near here?

You were excellent.

Estonia has its own national anthem.

Maybe it would be better if I threw away all these books, kissed your little nose, and forgot all my worries and hardships.

By studying the Doppler shift of different galaxies, scientists have concluded that all of the galaxies are moving away from each other.


He is one of the rottenest fellows that have ever crossed my path.

Excuse me, what is the shortest way to go to the station?

I asked Jussi why he didn't like Raif.


Is that the truth, Takeuchi?

Barbara couldn't help her.

Thank you for your business.

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These boots belong to her.


Leif didn't seem very impressed.

Don't leave town.

No one is asking you.

I'm not going to make fun of Adrian.

It's hard for me to understand French when it's spoken quickly.


Are you sure Antonella was the one who did this?

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He entreated his wife not to leave him.


Theodore said that he thought Naoto knew how to weld.

Has my software been updated?

Would you like a bigger one?


I'm going out on vacations for two months.

Do you have a radio here?

I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.

He did not go to America for nothing.

What's the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide?

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Be my right-hand man.

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I want to see him.

Ramsey looks confident.

I'll be back in a moment.


What do these words mean? What's the difference between them?

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I want your respect.

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Why is Billy mad at you?

Walter and Sehyo often talk to each other using Skype.

The weather report says it will rain tomorrow afternoon.

We climbed Mt. Fuji last summer.

Polly couldn't stand being alone, could he?


It wasn't me who told Olaf that.

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Why doesn't Carolyn pay any attention to me?

I've been learning Finnish for over ten years, and I still have trouble understanding it.

His customers dropped off after the new supermarket opened for business.

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Saying is one thing and doing another.


Modern ships only need a small crew.

The dog chewed up my boot.

You shall have what money I have.

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This event rocked Dan to his core.


Nobody worked in my country.

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At least he shook your hand. He didn't even look at me.